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Catalogues and Lists

All known lists and catalogues from Pyewacket Books. Please note: not all titles may still be available. If you're not finding what you're looking for, or if you have any questions or concerns, please be in touch.



List No. 32: Mystic Summer

Released July 8, 2019. Summer reads. Not for the beach.

List No. 31: Sisterhood is Powerful

Released May 21, 2019. Back from a long-ish hiatus with a few new things to show - mostly lesbiana, with one work on drag queens (and one drag king!) and one biographical work about famous women. A run of a scarce Central Florida lesbian newsletter, a few other gay periodicals, a history of lesbian community in Buffalo, NY, and a biography of Radclyffe Hall from the woman who knew her best, to name a few…

List No. 30: The Act Beautiful

Released April 16, 2019. Like all red-blooded antiquarians, I've got a thing about the past. And, like most millennials, I suffer from FOMO - that is, Fear Of Missing Out. Fortunately, I can live vicariously through the ephemera of yesteryear - and so can you, with these new offerings! This list includes cabinet cards and CdVs of circus performers, an archive of potentially lethal roller skating, and the most heartwarming clown content which may unlock a secret in the National Portrait Gallery. Intrigue abounds!

List No. 29: SMUT!

Released April 9, 2019. Old, new, borrowed, and definitely blue. This week I decided dig through my shelves and start cataloguing some of the copious amounts of porn I have laying around. Five new titles and one sultry fine binding re-offered at a substantially lower price. Highlights include WWII-era manuscript erotica, some titillating 19th century titles, Sapphic BDSM comic strips and hot monsters in horrifying 3D.

List No. 28: A Miscellany of Women. A "Miscellady" if you will...

Released April 1, 2019. I love a portmanteau. I also love women. They're great. And there is literally NOTHING they can't do, which is evidenced by some of the material in this list. Artfully stuff dead animals? Check. Sculpt, paint, poeticize, and pen a short story about a poet at odds with a bookseller? Check. Vote? Believe it or not, they can do it all - and raise children, and survive and thrive with an HIV diagnosis, and write fantasy. The list goes on. Take a look.

List No. 27: Queer Yesteryear

Released March 19, 2019. Gay ephemera is on deck this week. Twenty-four scarce, delightful bits from our vast queer past, or at least the last 100 years of it. Included are several issues of LGBTQI+ periodicals of varying rarity and impact, a gorgeous early 20th century cross-dressing portrait, the ridiculously allegorical bookplate of Dr. Arnold Heymann, and a gay Catholic prayer book with a fantastic association.

List No. 26: The Oldest Professions: Storytelling and Sex Work

Released February 18, 2019. Eight items pertaining to the two oldest professions that still don’t have health insurance. Highlights include the first wordless novel by a woman, a signed Ursula Le Guin, and some rad feminist sci-fi, as well as some works on Victorian prostitution including one by a man who is literally an Umberto Eco character.

A special note about this list:
If you’ve ever been to a sex worker rally or protest you’ve no doubt heard the cry “Nothing About Us Without Us!” Bearing that in mind, Pyewacket Books is working to establish a sort of bookselling equity and so is very pleased to let you know that 20% of the proceeds from the sale of all materials pertaining to sex work will be donated to the St. James Infirmary in San Francisco, California, a peer-based organization that works to provide health and safety services for sex workers of all genders in the Bay Area.

List No. 25: Some Stuff I Am Unapologetically Nerdy About

Released January 22, 2019. A list full of things I’m super into right now. That is: cats, mail art, fiber arts, and hot beverages. I hope you’ll get a kick out of them, too.


List No. 24: Different Names: Grimoires, Herbals, Cook Books

Released December 11, 2018. Pyewacket Books last list of 2018! 11 succulent morsels, including a delicious hand bound vellum treatise on memory magic, a text on Gullah folk medicine, a hard-to-find work on rune magic, a 1915 cook book with recipes from noted suffragists (s/o to Jack London’s roast duck recipe, and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “Synthetic Quince”), and finally something near and dear to my heart - a c.1966 collection of soul food recipes from West Oakland. There’s lots to see (and taste!) so have at.

List No. 23: Witch Around the World

Released December 4, 2018. A Mexican brujería manuscript. A stereoview glass slide tour of missions in Portuguese Angola, with witch content. And back to the Bay Area for a queer witch classic. All told, six of the damned decentest things (or decentest damned) things currently on my shelf.

List No. 22: Radical Resistance

Released November 6, 2018. A short list of 4 books and 1 record/book about resisting darkness. I hope you’ll find them as inspiring as I do.

Illustration by Genevieve Castrée, from Item 246.

Illustration by Genevieve Castrée, from Item 246.

List No. 21: Witch Lit

Released October 23, 2018. Five highly collectible titles with one very important thing in common: they’re all witchy af. There’s a signed special edition of an early Patti Smith poetry book, two slightly looming novels set in fictional liberal arts schools in Vermont, some sea-worthy sex magic, and A.E. Waite’s copy of the poems of Christina Rossetti. I definitely recommend getting into this one.

List No. 20: Unrelated

Released October 16, 2018. This list is a true miscellany: six titles, having nothing to do with one another. There’s a 19th century treatise on tea blending, a cold war cookbook from an air base in Japan, a book in Hungarian about the country’s most famous aviator (and father of the Rubik’s Cube creator), a children’s pop-up where everyone dies, a treatise about drug addiction and AIDS in French by a now-incarcerated former cult leader, and a text on all things skinhead. If this were a party — well, it wouldn’t be. Everyone would have realized they had nothing in common and would have gone home early.

List No. 19: More Women

Released October 9, 2018. This list’s offerings are all about women. Women in Barbados. Women in hotel beds. Women composers. Women incarcerated. Women in false lashes. Women in folk tales. Women portrayed by people who love them, and by people who hate them. I hope you’ll consider them.

Photo from “A Room in the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt/Main.” Bettina Rheims. Item 212.

Photo from “A Room in the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt/Main.” Bettina Rheims. Item 212.

List No. 18: Demons, Devils, Witches, Martinists

Released September 26, 2018. A delightful tome on demons, gypsies, jugglers, and other cool kids; a gorgeous pictorial account of what lurks in the hearts of those that give their soul to Satan (spoiler: it’s goats); a send-up of the Salem witch trial shenanigans; and a couple issues of a mystic Martinist periodical that’s nowhere to be found on WorldCat.

List No. 17: Just Girls

Released August 21, 2018. Yep, that’s right: just girls. Four books. Two photographs. Just girls

List No. 16: Two Great Tastes: A Short List of Sex and Speculative Fiction

Released August 6, 2018. A handful of delights in two favorite subjects: sex and speculative fiction. Highlights include a collection of sassy sexology pamphlets, bulk 1940s, a full run of Eros magazine, and a weird, rare self-published 19th century volume purporting to explain how the indigenous people arrived in North America (SPOILER ALERT: air ships). And that’s not all. What about speculative fiction about sex? Oh, that’s in here too…

Image from "Ask No Man Pardon: The Philosophical Significance of Being Lesbian"

Image from "Ask No Man Pardon: The Philosophical Significance of Being Lesbian"

List No. 15: Lesbiana

Released July 31, 2018. The first list from Pyewacket Books to deal solely with gay ladies. Includes seven sapphic steals - some classic les lit along with how-to-do-it manuals, the first actual lesbian agenda and even a rad LP (and contender for worst album art ever.) Get in and have a look.

List No. 14: Twee Travel

Released July 24, 2018. Seven perfectly sweet items about travel. Two scrapbooks, one photo album, four actual books, and even a write-your-own blank journal for recording all the details of your steamship journey. Told you these were precious.

List No. 13: Aaahh!!! Real Witches (also ghosts)

Released July 10, 2018. You heard right. A new list of witchy delights to see you through to the end of the lunar cycle. 7 books. Some actual real witches. Also, ghosts! You’re really going to want to read this one.

List No. 12: Signs and Symbols

Released July 3, 2018. 7 books on tarot, cartomancy, and astrology along with one vintage card game. All very reasonably priced.

List No. 11: The Camera Loves Me: Performing Femininity for Pleasure and Profit

Released June 26, 2018. Lots to unpack in this list! 9 total lots: photographs of some pioneering female bodybuilders, porn memoirs, and of course some smut - in catalogue and photographic form. Everything centers around the theme of performative femininity. Get in and have a look.

Artwork by John Walter from the "Alien Sex Club Tarot," included in this list.

Artwork by John Walter from the "Alien Sex Club Tarot," included in this list.

List No. 10: Performance. Art.

Released June 19, 2018. 10 items for List No. 10: Performance (of gender, magic tricks, supernatural abilities) and Art (photographs, tarot cards, hand-crafted wax vulvas.) Includes a gorgeous and moving photo book documenting pop culture in Mali in the 1960s, tarot cards designed for an art installation about HIV and visual culture, promotional artwork from a founding 90s queercore zine, an early Martinka & Co. magic trick catalogue, and an annual predictions list from an influential Italian futurist photographer pretending to be a female fortune teller. You have to see this stuff to believe it

List No. 9: Death, Debauchery, and Doin' It

Released June 12, 2018. New, lewd, and for your review. 11 titles, all revolving around 3 themes: death, debauchery (relatively speaking), and sexuality. Some very fine bindings, some absolutely filthy comics, something for everyone who hasn’t already turned up their nose in distaste.

List No. 8: Another World

Released June 5, 2018. Speculative fiction and fantasy are what’s on offer in this list. 7 books. A signed copy of the first appearance of the novel Ursula Le Guin credited as her start writing feminist fiction. A few paperback firsts, and a couple of dystopias that hit a little too close to home. But don't just take my word for it...

List No. 7: Amok Amok Amok Amok

Released May 22, 2018. WITCHCRAFT. This list contains 7 books: three texts on African diaspora religious practice in Haiti and Brazil, one infernal novel, a book on English witchery illustrated by Mervyn Peake, and a privately printed pamphlet from the 1880s containing Confessions of Witches Under Torture. Oh what stories they tell. Also, 2 rather rare Rider-Waite-Smith tarot decks.

List No. 6: Superstition and Belief

Released May 8, 2018. Indian sex-gurus, French oracles, cats. The 7 books in this list are loosely tied together by the theme of what we believe and why we believe it. There’s a nifty text on Vedic philosophy, a very early print interview with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), an extremely scarce 18th century pocket oracle, and some Ursula K. Le Guin, thrown in for good measure.

List No. 5: Misc. Curios.

Released May 1, 2018. Dildo history, masochist Siberian tigers, opium dens, mother-lovin’ SASQUATCH - there’s all that and a whole bunch more in the 9 books in this list. They're all over the map, so I highly recommend having a look for yourself. No fee for entry and anyway, you’re already here.

List No. 4: A Gentle Illusion - Gender, Cross-dressing, and Body Modification

Released April 24, 2018. Gender is a drag. Not so the fourth list from Pyewacket Books. Herein are eight very reasonably priced books about gender expression and body modification - most of which are out of print - as well as one unique cross-dressers’ cabinet card. Hot stuff.

List No. 3: Strange Powers

Released April 17, 2018. The third list from Pyewacket Books is short and sweet and contains five charming books, one very scarce novelty astrology booklet, and one rare tarot deck.

Detail from photograph by Michael A. Rosen, from  Sexual Magic: The S/M Photographs

Detail from photograph by Michael A. Rosen, from Sexual Magic: The S/M Photographs

List No. 2: Tender Spots: A Short List of Sadomasochism in Fact and Fiction

Released April 10, 2018. The second list from Pyewacket Books, featuring a handful of offerings dealing with sadomasochism in photographic fact and in textual fiction. Recommended to a mature audience. Have a peek, you kinky so-and-so’s.

List No. 1: Mediums, Mystics, and Magic

Released April 3, 2018. The first list from Pyewacket Books, featuring books about spiritualism, astrology, cartomancy, Bulgarian suggestology, and a bunch more spooky shit. A light preview of more occult delights to come.