Wills and Will-Makers, and signed letter

Wills and Will-Makers, and signed letter


[Harris, Virgil M.] St. Louis: 35pp. "An address delivered before the Trust Officers' Association of Minnesota, in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 30, 1921." Slightly burned. Don't even worry about it. Adds character. Someone was clearly smoking and reading here.

An unexpectedly literary and historically illuminating pamphlet issued by the Trust Department of the National Bank of Commerce in St. Louis! Virgil M. Harris was the author of "Ancient Curious and Famous Wills" and, for a civil servant, he sure knew his shit. Read abut the Finnish man who tried to curry favor in hell by willing his property to the Devil! Or about the German man who left his property to another man under the sole condition he wear white linen in all seasons and have no recourse to warm underclothing. Scamps!

Also included is a letter from Harris to Lawrence A. Tamme of New Mexico discussing - what else! - wills.

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