Understanding Haitian Voodoo

Understanding Haitian Voodoo

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Félix Jr., Emmanuel. n.p.: Xulon Press, 2009. ISBN: 9781607914877. xviii, 19-208 pp. Pictorial wraps. Translated from the French by Emilie Hobart. Printed in the United States.

"Part textbook, part life-story, part theological exposé, this book comes from a much-respected Haitian gentleman who writes as a lawyer, Judge, and evangelist who cares deeply about his people and their bondage in Voodoo." -from the Foreword

An anti-Voodoo treatise by a Haitian evangelical Christian, and published in part by a Haitian Christian broadcasting station. Uses bible verses as refutations of Voodoo practice and to try to convert practitioners. Highlights the rift between Voodoo and other aspects of Haitian culture. Notably in 2010, 45 people were killed after being accused of using voodoo or "black magic" to spread a cholera outbreak. Even in one of its home countries, Voodoo still carries a dangerous and potentially deadly reputation.

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