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Pyewacket Books offers weird, rare, and important texts on a variety of themes - ranging from astrology to bondage, fine bindings to zines - with the hope of adding exciting material to existing collections as well as encouraging new collectors in new areas. Here's what's currently on offer.

Three Voodoo Spellbooks

Three Voodoo Spellbooks


Dark Voodoo for Dark Purposes. Rob, S. np: Solar Vision, 2015. 44 pp. Grey staplebound pictorial wraps.

The Magic Power of Voodoo: The Powerful Voodoo Spellbook Like No Other! Zboyan, Franklin H. np: Solar-Vision, 2009. 44 pp. Pink staplebound wraps.

Voodoo Spells. Mitchell, Vivi. Chico, California: Abaxion, 1997. 22 pp. Blue pictorial staplebound wraps.

3 volumes of practical voodoo.

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