"Thing" Poster

"Thing" Poster


[Ford, Robert] Chicago: 1991. Poster. 16x21.5in.

Poster for issue #4 of writer and HIV/AIDS activist Robert Ford's seminal black queer/trans zine, "Thing," which had the tagline "She Knows Who She Is." Features a striking image of performer and artist Vaginal Creme Davis (herself the editor of early Queercore zine "Fertile LaToya Jackson", one of the founding members of the homo-core punk movement, and all around righteous, rad human.)

“We wanted to make a magazine that would be a way of documenting our existence and contribution to society. Our idea was not so much [to] radicalize or subvert the idea of magazines as to make one from our point of view.” -Robert Ford, on thing.

Thing ran for 10 issues, from 1989 to 1993, shortly before Ford's death in 1994 from HIV/AIDS-related illness.

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