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Pyewacket Books offers weird, rare, and important texts on a variety of themes - ranging from astrology to bondage, fine bindings to zines - with the hope of adding exciting material to existing collections as well as encouraging new collectors in new areas. Here's what's currently on offer.

Sue Fortune Telling for all ages

Sue Fortune Telling for all ages


[Sue the Astrologer] Paperback. 12mo. 164pp. Slightly scuffed cover with remains of an old sticker. Otherwise very good.

Curious, sweet little book with references to its own SUE tarot deck (not included/anywhere to be found, sadly.) Though the deck is absent I would definitely make the case for the inclusion of this book in any cartomantic library. It's so odd and unique - more like a lenormand or an oracle and not like any tarot I've seen ("The Mortarboard," "The Sticks of Dynamite," "The Aspirin Bottle," etc.) Also includes sections on astrology, colorology, numerology, and the zodiac. Weird! I like it!

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