Role of the Dominant Female in American Society

Role of the Dominant Female in American Society


[Wolff, Hermann K.] Los Angeles: Holloway House Publishing Co., 1966. 12mo. 224pp. First edition. Paperback original. Bright fuchsia cover. Some creases on front cover. Pages show aging. All in all a very good copy.

"Let the innocent beware! The Dominant Female may be anywhere, anyone...and you can't tell until it's too late." - front cover

What are you afraid of? Spiders? Women? Spider-women? Well, in the 1960s a lot of people were afraid of sexually liberated women and some thought that the push for equality of the sexes had gone too far. Sure glad we got past that one! Anyway, at the time, interest in female dominance and male masochism were on the rise. As a result, we ended up with a few pseudo-scientific titles like this one. Masquerading as a series of studies, "case histories," and "sexual biographies" this book is really just smut. And what smut! Psychic sadism, leather daughters, kinky governesses. "The girl can't help it" indeed.

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