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Olga Worrall: Mystic With the Healing Hands

Olga Worrall: Mystic With the Healing Hands


[Cerutti, Edwina] Harper & Row: New York, 1975. 169pp. First edition. Inscribed by author. Brown cloth spine with silver lettering and orange cloth. Dust jacket in mylar and has a few minor tears.

Olga Worrall (1906-1985) was a Christian mystic, medium, and spiritual healer. The daughter of a Hungarian countess and refugee, she claimed to be able to communicate with the dead from the age of 3. She began working as a healer from home and later from a Baltimore church. Though Olga identified as Christian, she viewed the tactics of many more dramatic Christian faith healers (using pressure points in the forehead to stun and disorient patients) as "evil." She never charged for her healing services and always insisted patients see medical doctors before seeking her help. Olga regularly collaborated with parapsychologists, physicians, and skeptics, submitting to various studies throughout the course of her life. Her work was never debunked.
Inscribed by "Ambrose and Olga Worrall." Ambrose, Olga's husband, passed away in 1972, three years before the publication of this book. Olga claimed to be able to communicate with her husband after his death and that he assisted her healing work from beyond the grave, which may account for why the work is signed by both.

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