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Neighbor Girls vol. 1

Neighbor Girls vol. 1


20pp. b&w illustrations throughout. Hot pink wraps.

Catalogue of amateur adult films, identified by the creator as "sociosexual documentaries." Difficult to date but likely early-mid 90s judging by hairstyles and prominence of VHS. Most films advertised appear to include interview sections with performers. Catalog begins with:

"Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for your many orders, kind comments, and helpful suggestions. It is very rewarding to learn that the sociosexual documentary format of the Neighbor Girls videos has proven so popular. You have said that you appreciate the opportunity to learn how other men and women deal with feelings, both sexual and nonsexual, and how they relate to one another..."

And ends with:

"I declare that I am not an officer of the law, or an agent of the federal, state or local government using correspondence and/or advertising for the purpose of entrapment..."

As well as a hefty reminder that minors are not welcome to view. So: rad, responsible porn or superficially sweet smut?

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