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God's Magic: An Aspect of Spiritualism

God's Magic: An Aspect of Spiritualism


[Dowding, Hugh Caswall Tremenheere Dowding, Baron] Spiritualist Press Ltd: London, 1960. First edition. 8vo pamphlet. 48pp. Edited by Maurice Barbanell. Yellow staplebound wraps. Pages lightly aged. A Psychic Booklet. Very scarce.

Perhaps best known for his career in the Royal Air Force (which included directing the Battle for Britain, an air campaign that defended the United Kingdom from the German Luftwaffe and prevented Hitler's invasion of Britain, and organizing air cover for the evacuation at Dunkirk) Lord Dowding spent his later years deep in the esoteric. How deep? Theosophy, fairies, UFOs and life-after-death deep. In "God's Magic" Dowding recounts seances held with departed RAF pilots and asserts the belief that Spiritualism and communication with the deceased can be a path to healing for both the living and the dead. A stoic Spiritualist in the tradition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dowding approaches his material with a characteristic sobriety that lends both credibility and readability to his work. This fine, very scarce work should be part of any and all libraries on spiritualism, psychic phenomena, grief, healing, and spooky shit in general.
Additionally, this pamphlet was edited by Maurice Barbanell, an interesting character in the Spiritualist movement. His publication, Psychic News, ran from 1932 until 2010, only to be resurrected in 2011. Seems fitting.
A few final fun facts: Lord Dowding and his wife were both vegetarian and Lady Dowding founded the first ever vegan, cruelty-free range of cosmetics.

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