Eros magazine, 4 vol. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 1962.

Eros magazine, 4 vol. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 1962.


Ginzburg, Ralph ed. New York: Eros Magazine, 1962. 4to. 4 vols. Boards. 96pp (80pp vol. 1). Full run of magazine.

With art director Herb Lubalin. Near fine. Boards.

Vol. 1 contains a photo essay on transwomen sex workers in India.

Vol. 2 includes Faye Emerson on the sex appeal of then-candidate John F. Kennedy as well as an advert for EXTRA magazine, tucked in.

Vol. 3 contains the last studio portraits of Marilyn Monroe, shot six weeks before her death.

Vol 4. includes a photo essay on "female impersonation" at the Jewel Box Review, a letter from Allen Ginsburg, and a short, short story by Ray Bradbury. It also contains a photo essay on interracial love. This proved to be the last straw for the obscenity charges against Ginzburg and Eros. There would not be a second run of the magazine.

In 1963, then-Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy had Ginzburg charged with violating federal obscenity laws for the publication of Eros. In 1966, after several appeals, the US Supreme Court found Ginzburg guilty of, among other things, "titillation." He would ultimately spend 8 months in jail and Eros would go on become a banned book.

Scandal aside, the production values on this thing are through the roof. While the subject material is hardly shocking to a modern (or, honestly, even a contemporary) reader, the magazine stands on its own as a gorgeous art object, with spectacular printing and typography under the art direction of Herb Lubalin.

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