Dagger: On Butch Women

Dagger: On Butch Women


[Burana, Lily] [Roxxie] [Linnnea Due] Pittsburgh, PA & San Francisco, CA: Cleis Press, 1994. First Edition. 232pp. 7x10in. Some fading to spine. Edges rubbed. Slightly frayed corners. Good copy overall. Out of print.

'"Female maleness," "female masculinity": these simplistic ways of reading butch energy do not entirely miss the mark, but they do mislead. Maleness isn't male on a female, honey - it's something else again, a horse of another color, something our gender-impoverished language doesn't offer us words to describe.' - from "Why I Love Butch Women" by Carol A. Queen.

This collection of essays, interviews, photographs, comics, stories, and lists celebrating butch identity is brave, beautiful, and makes no pretense toward being complete. With chapters on American Gladiator-as-a-root, stripping while butch, FTM (female-to-male) transitioning, and dyke daddies, as well as photographs from Phyllis Christopher, Del LaGrace Volcano, and Jill Poesner, this book encompasses a broad range of material while constantly reasserting that both gender and sexual identity/expression are malleable, mutable, and largely unfathomable.

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