Cartoon and Model Parade 65th Edition

Cartoon and Model Parade 65th Edition


[Klaw, Irving] New York: Irving Klaw, 1953. 46pp. 8.5x11in. b&w photographs and illustrations throughout. Some rust from staples. Wraps intact. Looks like it was printed last week and not the year my mother was born.

"Published by Irving Klaw, 'The Pin-Up King' for Artists, Photography Students, and Collectors."

Much more Bettie this time. This publication began as "Movie Star News," becoming "Cartoon and Pin-Up Parade" after issue #30, then "Cartoon and Model Parade" by issue #31 in 1950. Bettie Page started posing for Klaw in 1952 and it's clear, by the time this edition was published, she was working with him regularly. Page features on the cover as well as in 20 different sets advertised. Bondage. Cheesecake. High heels. Wrestling. Adorable dancing Bettie. It's all here.

Includes models Kathleen Bright, Arlene Maver, June King, Ramona Lacky, Peggy Rhine, Vicki Hayes, Loraine Miller, Shirley Maitland, Shirley Levitt, Cindy Heller, Toni Lynn, Joan Williams, Jeane Landis, Peggy Purdy, Dolores Du Vaughn, Roz Greenwood, Sylvia Andrews, Lois Meriden, Joyce Quinlan, Ramona Daigle, Lili Dawn, Eleanor Ames, Betty Cushman, Elizabeth Archer, Jane Graystone, Suzan Sands, Helena Bonds, etc. Also features art and cartoon serials by Eneg [Gene Bilbrew], Stanton, etc.

No holdings for this on WorldCat which seems bananas to me. This is a top-notch fetish reference work! There’s no other copy of this floating around!.

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