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Pyewacket Books offers weird, rare, and important texts on a variety of themes - ranging from astrology to bondage, fine bindings to zines - with the hope of adding exciting material to existing collections as well as encouraging new collectors in new areas. Here's what's currently on offer.

Bookplate for Dr. Arnold Heymann

Bookplate for Dr. Arnold Heymann


6x4". Slight toning. "LH" in bottom left corner indicating artist.

Dr. Arnold Heymann (1881-1936/9) was a German-Jewish urologist, noted by Magnus Hirschfeld for his study of a 17 year old high school student who possessed external genitals but, after experiencing period-like symptoms along with bleeding, was later found to also possess internal female organs.

The bookplate features two figures, one female, one with a more masculine build, both in women's clothing. Behind them, an ibis and a female chimpanzee look into a mirrorball, while a peacock looks on aloofly. There's a lot to unpack here. Overall, a gorgeous, gender-bending art deco book plate. (323)

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