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A szárnyas Rubik ("The Winged Rubik")

A szárnyas Rubik ("The Winged Rubik")


László, Simon V. Budapest: 1984. Paperback. 160pp. Includes several adverts for c.1984 Hungarian computers. 28 pages of b&w photographs. Very good. Paperback.

(Loosely adapted from the Hungarian "recommendation" with help and hindrance from Google Translate):

"Surely this name is not unknown to you: Ernö Rubik. Many of you know the Rubik's Cube, while others are aware of the inventor's father, the "winged Rubik."

What is the book about? A study of the history of Hungarian aviation, aviation literature, biography, literature? None of them, but all together. Drawing on research it tells the life and work of a man who is inseparable from the history of Hungarian aviation.


Congratulations to the author. This book is recommended to all readers who love flying and to those who can't fly but can get acquainted with the struggling, meaningful life through the pages of the book."

Biography of Hungary's most famous aircraft designer and father of Ernö Rubik Jr., the inventor of the Rubik's Cube. Written at the height of the Rubik's Cube’s popularity.

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