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Pyewacket Books featured in the Paris Review

Along with a cadre of other rad book women, PB was recently featured in the Paris Review in an article by Diane Mehta about women in books. It was a total honor to be included in this company. I hope you’ll take a peek. You can check it out here.

To expound on my comments in the article, I'd like to state that, as I see it working, an intersectional feminist approach to bookselling should be about keeping materials in context so as not to lose the problematic parts of the past but to instead enable ourselves to learn from them and not repeat them. The materials we sell and collect are only valuable insofar as they can be used and improved upon. Bookselling and book collecting should always be about the future because the past can't exist without it. This is why we collect and preserve books: in hopes of making a better world from the remains of the past.


Bryn Hoffman