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Photographs of "Mangina," the performance artist Patrick Bucklew

Photographs of "Mangina," the performance artist Patrick Bucklew


23 colour photographs of performance artist Patrick Bucklew in New York, showcasing his wearable mangina sculptures. Includes photos of Bucklew jumping outside, seated inside against a wall of mangina sculptures, a photo taken during a performance, posing with a woman wearing a penis sculpture and comparing sculpted and natural labia. Two photographs are dated - the seated images would appear to be c. Sept. 30, 1998 and the performance picture is dated February 15, 2000. Others undated.

Patrick Bucklew was a fixture of the Downtown New York Art Stars Scene of the 1990s and a major figure in the underground art world in general. As "Mangina" or "Mangi," he has collaborated with Fiona Apple, for whom he painted a portrait of her dog, Janet, and featured heavily and frequently in books by Jonathan Ames as "Harry Chandler" ("What’s Not to Love? Confessions of a Mildly Perverted Young Writer", 2001; "My Less Than Secret Life: A Diary, Fiction, Essays", 2002). He crafted his "manginas" out of wax, generally molded on the labia of ciswomen, which Bucklew would wear for his performances. Bucklew also had a prosthetic leg, as a result of a car accident, which featured provocatively in some of his performances. You should probably pull that one up on duckduckgo for yourself though.

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