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Photographs of Female "Apartment House" Wrestlers

Photographs of Female "Apartment House" Wrestlers


35 b&w photographs. 5x7". Two have light chemical staining along edges. All have permanent marker on backs - from where previous owner smudged out prices.

Collection of photographs featuring a number of different performers engaged in "apartment house" wrestling. Photos run the gambit time/location/outfit-wise, but everyone remains clothed throughout their performances.

Wrestler ""Lucy" is identifiable in one photograph (thanks to her tattoo) which, as well as wrestler and porn star Candy Samples, whose late 70s hairdo and bustline are a dead giveaway. Similar backdrops can also be seen in Sports Review Wrestling magazine as well as Wrestling Movie Review, a production of pornographer Curtis Dupont. Photos are likely late 70s/very early 80s.

There's a curious note on the back of one photograph, which appears to say "Maid for Manling." It's significant that this is the only photo in the lot that features a woman wrestling in a suspender belt so I'm not sure the note is indicative of the photos as a collection.

All in all delightful blast from the softcore past.

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