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Opera Trips scrapbooks

Opera Trips scrapbooks


Folio. 2 vol. Volume 1: 78 pages, 2 blanks. Green paper boards with embossed with gold. Volume 2: 16 pages, 50 blanks. Brown paper boards embossed with gold. Glassine between pages to prevent acid transfer - browned in several places. Both tied with marigold string.

Scrapbooks chronicling North American opera tours, 1977-1984, presumably compiled by Rudolf Sandig. Features photographs, ticket stubs, brochures, and other ephemera from the operas and side trips.

Rudolf Sandig (1925-1997) was a German immigrant and opera performer.

The first opera tour documented in the scrapbook was run by the now-defunct KKHI San Francisco, (which broadcast opera and classical music until KQED took over that role in the early 1980s.) The trip was to Seattle to see Wagner's Ring Cycle. Includes photos from side trip to Victoria, Canada.

In 1979, Sandig traveled back to Seattle for the Ring Cycle. 1981 is the Verdi fest in San Diego, followed by the 1981 Ring Cycle in Seattle, where Sandig is also pictured with Raymond Berard, who would be his travel companion on several other trips.

Raymond Berard (1939-2017) was an engineering instructor at City College San Francisco. He served on the San Francisco Labor Council for two decades, was a member of the American Federation of Teachers Local 2121 for nearly 30 years and was an active union organizer. His obituary states that he was an avid opera lover, with the Ring Cycle being a particular favourite, and that he traveled to many operas outside San Francisco.

1982 included both the San Diego Verdi Fest and the Pacific Northwest Wagner Festival in Seattle. In 1983, Sandig attended the Santa Fe Opera's summer season.

Volume 2 of the scrapbooks chronicles the 1984 San Diego Verdi Fest - which would be the last Verdi Fest - as well as a side trip to Tijuana with Berard. The final trip included in this scrapbook was a 1988 trip to Santa Fe for the Opera's summer season and Chamber Music Festival, also with Berard.

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