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[Alma Weddle, Taxidermist]

[Alma Weddle, Taxidermist]


[Sweet Home, Oregon]: [c.1910]. 4 stereoview cards. 9x18 cm. Light fading to some of the cards, slightly bowed. Overall very good.

Four stereoview cards depicting (1) a woman draped in pelts, sitting over a skunk rug (2) birds, birds, birds (stuffed) (3) cougar, coyote, lynx and assorted fish, on a porch (4) deer and various small woodland creatures, all stuffed and mounted.

Handwritten notes by a cousin identify the woman pictured as Alma Weddle, taxidermist. Weddle, née Horner, was a licensed taxidermist active in Sweet Home, Oregon, where she worked primarily mounting trophies for the local hunters (many of which are still displayed at the East Linn Museum.) Sweet Home's New Era newspaper reports her active as late as 1941, when she finished her supposed masterpiece: a cougar pelt rug for the newspaper's former publisher. Her two sons, Stanley and George, assisted. (339)

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